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CT Scan or Computed Tomography scan is a diagnostic imaging test which is used to create fully detailed images of bones, organs, blood vessels and soft tissues. CT Scan images can be further reformatted in several planes and can also be converted into 3D images. Since CT Scan images help to detect and confirm major problems in organs and bones, CT scans are the best way to detect several types of cancers. It is an accurate, fast and non invasive procedure which helps to reveal various internal injuries as well as bleeding, thus aiding in saving lives.

The term computed tomography (CT) is mostly referred to as to X-ray CT, because it is the most popularly known form. But there are various others form of CT scans as well and some of them include Positron emission tomography (PET) as well as Single photon emission computer tomography (SPECT). In the last two decades, the use of CT Scan technology or test has increased rapidly. Millions of CT scans are performed every year in most developed countries to detect diseases and illnesses.

There are various kinds of CT scans and some include the following: CT Scan CERVICO THORACIC SPINE, CT Scan KUB WITH CONTRAST, CT Scan BRAIN, CT Scan BREAST etc.

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Common Names


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Disease Conditions

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Why To Test

Your doctor may recommend a CT scan to help:

Diagnose muscle and bone disorders, such as bone tumors and fractures Pinpoint the location of a tumor, infection or blood clot Guide procedures such as surgery, biopsy and radiation therapy Detect and monitor diseases and conditions such as cancer, heart disease, lung nodules and liver masses Monitor the effectiveness of certain treatments, such as cancer treatment Detect internal injuries and internal bleeding

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When To Test


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common uses

As clear from the above given information, CT scan is an extremely useful test and an important tool in medical imaging. The following are some of its common uses:

  1. CT Scan for head test can be used to detect tumors, bone trauma, infarction and calcifications etc.

  2. CT Scan for lungs can be used to detect both chronic as well as acute changes in the internal of the lungs.

  3. Cardiac CT Scan test combined with subsection rotation can be used to obtain images of coronary arteries.

  4. CT Scan pulmonary angiogram can be used to detect pulmonary embolism to get images to pulmonary arteries.

  5. Pelvic and abdominal CT Scan is an excellent test to diagnose various abdominal diseases. It can help detect cancers and stages of cancers.

  6. It helps to image complex kinds of fractures, especially those which are around the area of the joints. It also helps to recognize dislocations and ligamentous injuries.

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preparation before

Preparation for CT scan diagnostic test may differ from case to case, depending upon which body part shall be going for the scan. The following are some of the things you may be required to do in order to prepare for it:

  1. You may be asked to remove some or all of your clothing items and wear a gown given by the hospital to you.

  2. You will also be asked to remove any and all metal objects like jewellery items, belts, eyeglasses, dentures etc which may come in the way of the test or scan in any way.

  3. Sometimes doctors also advise not to drink or eat anything for a few hours just before the scan or test.

A special dye which is known as contrast material is required for CT scans which help to highlight the body parts or organs which will be going under scan. What this material does is that it helps in blocking the x rays and comes as white in the images obtained. This white color can help emphasize on the organs or vessels etc.

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on-time preparation

The patient will need to lie down on a motorized examination table that slides into a doughnut-shaped CT scanner machine.

In most cases, the patient will lie on their back, facing up. But, sometimes, they may need to lie facedown or sideways.

After one x-ray picture, the couch will move slightly, and then the machine will take another image, and so on. The patient needs to lie very still for the best results.

During the scan, everybody except for the patient will leave the room. An intercom will enable two-way communication between the radiographer and the patient.

If the patient is a child, a parent or adult might be allowed to stand or sit nearby, but they will have to wear a lead apron to prevent radiation exposure.

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preparation after

After a CT exam, the technologist will remove the intravenous line used to inject the contrast material. The tiny hole made by the needle will be covered with a small dressing. You can return to your normal activities.

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  1. CT Scan test helps to determine which surgeries are needed or required.

  2. CT Scan helps to reduce the requirement of exploratory surgeries.

  3. CT Scan has also proved to improve cancer diagnoses as well as treatment.

  4. CT scan helps to reduce the length of time one has to spend in hospitals due to tests and diagnoses process.

  5. CT Scan provides the exact location and nature of illness or injury, thus making the process of treatment easier for doctors.

  6. CT Scan also helps improve patient placement into the right areas of care like ICU etc.

  7. In case of emergency situations, CT scan quickly helps to assess the condition and thus provide needed treatment rapidly, thus helping in saving lives.

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During a CT scan, a person is exposed to ionizing radiation for a brief period of time. The scan uses more radiation than an X ray since it is a more detailed information gathering scan. However there are no long term harm of these radiations. But there is a small potential to increase the risk cancer.

  1. Pregnant women must avoid going for CT Scans since these tests can pose possible risk to unborn children. The radiation can injure the baby in the womb.

  2. Although this is very rare, but some people may experience reaction to the contrast material which is used in CT Scans. The contrast material is injected in the vein of the arm and may sometimes cause life threatening allergies or reactions.

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About Us


We at iHealthMantra enable patients to book their diagnostics tests from best Diagnostics Labs in India such as Thyrocare, Dr Lal Pathlabs, Metropolis, Suburban Diagnostics, Medall Clumax and many others top quality diagnostic labs. Diagnostics tests booked through us are at low price and patients can avail free home sample collection.

We also provide preventive health checkups, Regular Health check-up, Health checkup packages, Thyroid Profile, PET Scan, MRI Scan, CT Scan, Full body check up, Vitamin D Profile, Lipid Profile, Renal Function Tests and other blood tests. Provided below is a brief description of few of our partner labs.

About Thyrocare

Thyrocare, with its tag line of Think Thyroid, Think Thyrocare, is India's first fully automated diagnostic laboratory with a focus on providing quality at affordable costs to retail customers, laboratories and hospitals in India and other countries. Thyrocare has strong focus on technology, brand and systems that enables Thyrocare laboratories to give their clients the best of science and technology at an affordable cost. Thyrocare laboratories have NABL and CAP accreditations. Thyrocare supports home sample collection to provide convenience to customers.Thyrocare is a PAN India chain with services across all the major Indian cities such New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

Key tests and health profiles supported by Thyrocare are: T3, T4, TSH also called Thyroid Profile, TSH also called Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, Thyrocare Aarogyam Packages such as Mini Aarogyam, Aarogyam A, Aarogyam B, Aarogyam C, Vitamin Profiles such as Vitamin D Profile and Vitamin D3 test.

About Metropolis

Metropolis is India?s one of the biggest and multinational chain of pathology labs and diagnostics centre known for excellent customer satisfaction and preventive healthcare. Metropolis has following accreditations, CAP, NABL and RNTCP. Metropolis Healthcare has been honoured for its best practices and its commitment to excellence in customer satisfaction and innovation. The journey of Metropolis started in 1981, when its Founder and Chairman, Dr. Sushil Shah had a vision to introduce specialized testing facilities to the Indian population. Processing over 30 million tests a year, catering to over 20,000 Laboratories, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and 2,00,000 consultants; and with 34 years of experience in delivering accurate reports, Metropolis has earned the reputation of being India's multinational chain of laboratories with a strong presence in Sri Lanka, UAE, South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius & Ghana. Metropolis supports home sample collection to provide convenience to customers. Metropolis is a PAN India chain with services across all the major Indian cities such New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.

Common Tests supported by Metropolis are Lipid Profile, Thyroid Profile, Vitamin D Profile, Renal function test, Blood Tests, Vitamin D3, TSH, T3, T4, Diabetes Test, ECG test, thalassemia test, preventive health checkups, Regular Health check-up, Health checkup packages and Full body check up.

About Dr Lal Pathlabs

Dr Lal PathLabs is a leading Diagnostic Centre and Pathology Lab for Blood Test in India. Dr Lal PathLabs has a strong focus on quality with NABL accreditation. Dr Lal PathLabs has a qualified team of Pathologists, Radiologists, Microbiologists, Biochemists and specialists. Dr Lal PathLabs supports home sample collection to provide convenience to customers. Dr Lal PathLabs is a PAN India chain with services across all the major Indian cities such New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

Common Tests supported by Dr Lal PathLabs are Lipid Profile, Thyroid Profile, Vitamin D Profile, Renal function test, Blood Tests, Vitamin D3, TSH, T3, T4, Diabetes Test, ECG test, thalassemia test, preventive health checkups, Regular Health check-up, Health checkup packages and Full body check up. Few unique health packages supported by Dr Lal PathLabs are Swasth Plus Basic Health Checkup, Swasth Plus Advanced Health Checkup and Swasth Plus Vitamins Package. "

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