Aarogya Diagnostic Centre

Lupus Anticoagulants LAC Profile

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    Package consists 8 paramaters

  • APTT
  • Mixing Studies
  • RVVT- Screen & Confirmation
  • Citrated Plasma
  • do not smoke
  • do not drink alcohol for 12 hours before the check up. In case you are diabetic
  • you should carry your medicines with you and you can take them after breakfast.Carry all your past medical records
  • if any. $Validity|30 Days



30 Days


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Avoid having tea

Clinic Details

Clinic Name: Aarogya Diagnostic Centre
Clinic Description : Diagnostic Lab
Address : #5,First Floor,Govindra Reddy Compound,Arekere Main Road,Bangalore
Mobile Number: +919945061151
Opening hours : 8AM to 8 PM
Email address :
Web :
Door Step Sample Collections: Available
Report Delivery: Email, Home