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Health Question

Hi Sir, My chest x-ray mentions "blunting of both ostophrenic angles is seen? Pleural thickening" I had pleural effusions when I was on dialysis for 1.5 years. Now I had done kidney transplant last month. But my x-ray reads as above.

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Early complications include risk of abscesses within the abdominal walls. This is more likely in old, obese and diabetic patients. Bleeding is another common complication immediately after surgery. Bleeding in uerine or hematuria may also be seen in some patients. Late complications include narrowing of the ureters and obstruction to flow of urine from kidney into the bladder. This is called ureteric stenosis. Pyelonephrritis or infection of the kidneys after surgery is another complication to be watching out for. There is a risk of post-operative formation of blood clots or arterial thrombosis. These may get dislodged from the operative site and travel up to the lungs or brain leading to life threatening complications. You should discuss it in detail to get right consultation.