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Hi, I am a 18 year old female possibly suffering from endometriosis, I get a lot of symptoms and struggle to live normally no hormonal treatment help and i?ll be getting a coelioscopy in february to check if it?s really endometriosis and to remove it. For the past 4 months my symptoms have grown and now I feel debilitating pain most of the time. My mri shows that my uterus went from anteverted and anteflexed (in april 2019) to retroverted and retroflexed, plus it?s now tilting to the left (october 2019). Is this normal? Could it be causing my pain?

Answer From Expert

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change of position of uterus can cause pain ... but you reason for pain is endometriosis .... and endometriosis and nothing to do with shape of uterus can consult online for homoeopathic treatment ..