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Health Question

Nov 8, 2: 44 pm sir/madam my period s 3rd day Dr. suggestion me fertigow 30 tab & letoval 2.5 tab 10 next 15th day negest 200 mg capsule between follicle 3 tvs scanning (1st scan egg growth 12*12 mm endometrial 5.6 2nd scan 18 mm endometrial 8.9 3rd scan 20*21 mm endometrial 12.9 only left ovary) 16th day of my period egg rupture Dr. ask to me very well egg rupture so 1 week you contact to husband after 10 days you will come what you say doctor pl tell me my amh levels is >30 how is possible natural pregnancy.

Answer From Expert

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Any couple desirous of pregnancy and not getting same naturally must meet gynecologist or infertility specialist accepting facts that it needs many reports and different trials of treatment. Means couple must have patience and go to one in whom they have trust to stick for a long time.