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Health Question

My mom is suffering from uric acid. Swelling on foot ankle. Please suggest me diet to relief & do not eat also. Thanks & regard's.

Answer From Expert

IHM Team 895 Likes

Do contrast bath ie. Take two tubs in one you can fill hot water (ie. Bearable heat) to immerse the feet in the tub and you will have good effect ie. Warmth effect. Further to that wipe with towel and immerse the feet in the cold water (ie. Ice water bath) which will help you to reduce the inflammation. Once this is done you can do some ankle movements to both the feet which will help you to boost and improve the blood circulation. As I said over the phone please use anklet which I have already sent by whats app and you can use mcr chappals which will help you to reduce the weight falling on the injured front portion of the foot. If you have the habit of using shoes then you can keep removable insoles which can be used inside the shoes and that acts like a shock absorber and which will also help to reduce and prevent the weight falling on the injured foot. This is the way to reduce the inflammation through home remedy. If the pain persists say for example after doing for 5-7 days then you have to consult physiotherapist where they will treat you with infra red radiation. But this is quite a rare treatment, if in case it is not available, let me know we can send it to you by courier. It is quite expensive but you will feel good results with that. This will help you to reduce the inflammation in the bone ie. Which is caused by the table which fell on your foot. You can thrombophob ointment to reduce the contusion and also to loosen and break the blood clot which is there in the front portion of the foot. It will also help you to change the skin colour. If the pain is too much then you can take ultracet tablet every day in the night. Keep two pillows under the ankle while sleeping on the bed which will help you to reduce the swelling. Hope you recover with this. And also please share your feed back if you become better. If you do not become better too pls let us know so that we can give some alternate solution. Please send your address so that we can send the products ie. Anklet to use it in the ankle / foot, mcr chappals for your size and also the removable foot insole.