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Health Question

I have sexual exposure on last march with call girl and unknown hiv status. After 1st week elisa test. And 40 day hiv duo and 90 days hiv 1 and hiv2 antibody and 180 days cima test also negative and 230 days hiv pcr test also not detectable. I have 2 symptoms. My tongue got white color and sore and second one is mastoid bone area node swollen with out any pain after 180 days. My question is all hiv antibody tests are based on igm and igg or I need additional blood test.

Answer From Expert

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When used in combination with the confirmatory western blot test, elisa tests are 99.9% accurate. Oral thrush is a fungal infection caused by the candida yeast. Oral thrush causes patches to develop in the mouth and on the tongue. These patches usually have a white or off-white color and may have an unpleasant taste. Oral thrush can also be painful, especially when eating or drinking. Let's have a detailed discussion for better advice and healthy lifestyle.