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Pain behind the eyes

Overview of Pain behind the eyes

Many people complain to their eye doctor about "pain behind the eyes." or what may feel like a deep headache. Pain, headache, or achiness that occurs behind the eye is a common complaint and can be concerning. However, a proper diagnosis is not always easy. Your eye doctor will need to evaluate your eye health to determine a possible source of pain. Eye pain is a catch-all phrase to describe discomfort on, in, behind or around the eye.

The pain can be unilateral or bilateral ? in other words, you can experience right eye pain, left eye pain, or the discomfort can affect both eyes. There's no evidence that right eye pain occurs more frequently than left eye pain, or vice versa.

In some cases, such as an eye injury, the cause of the pain is obvious. But often it's difficult to know why your eye hurts.

To complicate matters, the severity of eye pain does not indicate how serious the underlying cause of the discomfort is. In other words, a relatively minor problem, such as a superficial abrasion of the cornea, can be very painful. But several very serious eye conditions ? including cataracts, macular degeneration, the most common type of glaucoma, a detached retina, and diabetic eye disease ? cause no eye pain whatsoever.

Home Remedies for Pain behind the eyes :

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera works wonder for treating the infections and helps a lot in reducing the eye pain as well. A finely peeled Aloe Vera leaf produces enough gel to be put in the eyes and rest for a good 1-2 hours.

Vegetable soup

A vegetable soup consisting of spinach and other leafy green vegetables is extremely beneficial for a flawless vision and perfect eyesight. If taken regularly, it helps in preventing a headache and pain behind the right eye.


Ginger tea is also good for treating headaches and eye pain as ginger possess dominant qualities of treating inflammations and infections.

Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is equal to giving a good and quality relaxation to the eyes. Headaches and eye pain are simple to treat with this method.


Putting a couple of drops of honey in the eye gives relief to the eye pain as honey acts a natural antiseptic for treating the dryness and burning sensation.

Cucumber slice

Cucumber has a cold sensation and therefore, putting its slices on the eyes and giving it a rest for some time relaxes the eye muscles and provides relief to the eye pain.

Rose water

Rose water is the most famous and all time working home remedy for treating pain behind the right eye. A few drops of the rose water work like a magic potion on the eyes and comforts the eyes.

Carrot juice

Carrot is found be supremely beneficial for a good eyesight. Regular intake of carrot juice supports in getting rid of the eye infection and pain.

Hot and Cold compresses

Hot and cold compresses are something that can easily be done at home. It provides relaxation to the eyes from the burning sensation due to the pain behind the right eye.

When to see doctor for Pain behind the eyes :

When experiencing eye pain, make an appointment with your doctor if:

  • You?ve recently had eye surgery.
  • You?ve recently had an eye injection.
  • You?ve had eye surgery in the past.
  • You wear contact lenses.
  • You have a weakened immune system.
  • You?ve been taking eye medication for two or three days and the pain hasn?t improved.

Some symptoms need immediate medical attention. Seek emergency medical help if:

  • Your pain was caused by a foreign object hitting or been lodged in your eye.
  • Your pain was caused by a chemical being splashed in your eye.
  • Your eye pain is accompanied by fever, headache, or unusual light sensitivity.
  • You have a sudden vision change.
  • You start seeing halos around lights.
  • Your eye is swelling, or there?s swelling around your eye.
  • You?re unable to keep your eye open.
  • You?re having trouble moving your eye.
  • You have blood or pus coming from your eye(s).

Treatment for the Pain behind the eyes

Successfully treating pressure behind the eyes involves addressing the underlying causes.

Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers are safe to use. They may ease the feeling of pressure if it is not severe and does not seem to be a side effect of a more serious condition.

If the pressure is severe or comes with other symptoms, see a doctor. Following diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe any treatments needed.

These could include:

  • ibuprofen, aspirin, or acetaminophen to treat headaches
  • antibiotics, steroid nasal sprays, or antihistamines to treat sinus infections


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