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Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. You may need to remove all clothing and jewelry in the area to be examined.

You may be asked to wear a gown during the procedure.

Preparation for the procedure will depend on the type of examination you will have. For some scans your doctor may instruct you not to eat or drink for as many as 12 hours before your appointment. For others you may be asked to drink up to six glasses of water two hours prior to your exam and avoid urinating so that your bladder is full when the scan begins.


Most ultrasound exams are painless, fast and easily tolerated.

Ultrasound exams in which the transducer is inserted into an opening of the body may produce minimal discomfort.

If a Doppler ultrasound study is performed, you may actually hear pulse-like sounds that change in pitch as the blood flow is monitored and measured.

Most ultrasound examinations are completed within 30 minutes, although more extensive exams may take up to an hour.


When the examination is complete, you may be asked to dress and wait while the ultrasound images are reviewed.After an ultrasound examination, you should be able to resume your normal activities immediately.

Result explanation

Since an ultrasound is to check on the various abdominal and pelvic organs or to check the fetal development, based on the images that are obtained in the ultrasound the doctor explains in detail the test results.

He will usually check for organ swelling, stones or any appearance abnormality in the child. If there is a swelling detected in the organs then appropriate further tests are recommended. If there is a foetal abnormality and appropriate procedure or USG treatment may be prescribed by the doctor to the mother.


Most ultrasound scanning is noninvasive (no needles or injections).

  • Occasionally, an ultrasound exam may be temporarily uncomfortable, but it should not be painful.
  • Ultrasound is widely available, easy-to-use and less expensive than most other imaging methods.
  • Ultrasound imaging is extremely safe and does not use radiation.
  • Ultrasound scanning gives a clear picture of soft tissues that do not show up well on x-ray images.
  • Ultrasound is the preferred imaging modality for the diagnosis and monitoring of pregnant women and their unborn babies.
  • Ultrasound provides real-time imaging, making it a good tool for guiding minimally invasive procedures such as needle biopsies and fluid aspiration.

Common uses

An abdominal ultrasound test is usually done to check the conditions of the major organs in the human body's abdominal cavity. The ultrasound majorly helps in checking properly various organs such as

  • liver
  • spleen
  • pancreas
  • kidneys
  • gallbladder

An ultrasound test is not only done in women but also men, especially men of the age of above 65 who have or have had a habit of smoking.

In such men, the ultrasound helps in checking for an abdominal aortic aneurysm. If you have symptoms such as,

  • enlarged organ
  • hernia
  • pancreatitis
  • gallstone
  • kidney blockage
  • liver cancer
  • appendicitis
  • abnormal uterine structure
  • abnormal foetus structure
  • internal tumour

an ultrasound is recommended by the doctor. The ultrasound images aid in diagnosing and treating medical conditions.

It may also be used to:

  • Identify reasons for abdominal pain
  • Find problems and detect damage, disease or a tumour in an organ
  • Check the size, shape, and position of an organ

The 3D ultrasound is an advanced ultrasound technology that formats the sound wave data into 3D images. The Four-dimensional (4D) ultrasound is a 3D ultrasound in motion. Hence it is also called as Real-time live 3D.

In females, the USG sonography will help the doctor analyse any problem with

  • uterus/ovaries
  • check for cancers in the abdominal organs
  • check for IUD
  • check for fertility issues
  • check the baby growth during pregnancy
  • check for any inflammation in the pelvic region
  • check for stones in the kidney
  • find out about an ectopic pregnancy

In males, a pelvic ultrasound is used to identify kidney stones and also be able to find any an illuminated in the bladder. The USG test cost is a little high compared to a blood test. You can find out about the USG test price in your area by searching online for a ?USG test near me?. The ultrasound sonography test price is lesser at a few government-run laboratories.

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