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X-Radiation is composed of X Rays and is basically an electromagnetic radiation which was discovered by a german scientist named Wilhelm Rontgen. An X-Ray ( XRay ) is usually used to denote a common imaging test which helps doctors view certain parts of our bodies to diagnose our medical condition. Different kinds of X-Ray ( XRay ) tests are used for different purposes for example X-Ray ( XRay ) with barium enema is used to check the gastrointestinal tract whereas mammogram is used to examine the breasts.

An X-Ray ( XRay ) is usually ordered in case someone is experiencing pain or discomfort in some part of the body or to monitor the progression or improvement of a diagnosed disease. Some conditions which may call for an X-Ray ( XRay ) are breast tumors, bone cancer, fractures, digestive issues and others.

There are various kinds of X-Ray ( XRay ) diagnostic tests and some include the following: X-Ray ( XRay ) of Abdomen, X-Ray ( XRay ) of legs, X-Ray ( XRay ) of skull, X-Ray ( XRay ) of hands, X-Ray ( XRay ) of chest and X-Ray ( XRay ) of knees.


The following are some steps that are to be taken in order to prepare for an X-Ray ( XRay ) test:

  1. X-Rays ( XRays ) are standard tests for which you won??t need to do any major preparations. However the doctor may ask you to wear loose and comfortable clothing, depending upon the part which is to be examined.

  2. You may be required to remove jewellery items or other accessories/metallic items.

  3. You must inform the doctor if you have had any prior surgeries or metal implants. This is important since these implants can block the rays from passing through and creating good images.

  4. In case of X-Ray ( XRay ) of the gastrointestinal tract, doctors may ask you to fast for a few hours before the test. Certain medicines too are given to clear the bowels properly beforehand.

Report delivery time

usually ready in 1 or 2 days


  1. X-Rays ( XRays ) have many medicines and the main one is that they help to provide clear images of body parts so that diseases, deformities and injuries etc can be detected and hence proper medical treatment can be provided.

  2. X-Rays ( XRays ) prove useful in checking the progression of a disease or the course of improvement to see whether the treatment is proving to be useful.

  3. X-Ray ( XRay ) tests prove useful not just for doctors but also dentists as they can use X-Rays ( XRays ) during and before treatment for various purposes.

Common uses

The following is a list of some of the most common uses of X-Ray ( XRay ):

  1. Skeleton X-Ray ( XRay ): This kind of a test helps to look at the skeleton and check for injuries, in the bones which make up this part. Such an X-Ray ( XRay ) is usually done after one experiences an accident or a fall of some kind.

  2. Hand X-Ray ( XRay ): Such X-Rays ( XRays ) are useful in showing black and white images of the hand so that diseases, injuries and improper bone growth etc can be viewed and diagnosed.

  3. Skull X-Ray ( XRay ): This test helps see the bones of the skull and also include facial bones. It helps detect deformities in bones and is recommended for those who have experienced accidents or feel frequent headaches etc.

  4. Dental X-Ray ( XRay ): These types of tests help doctors see images of your teeth to evaluate the overall oral health. These are ordered for someone who is experiencing some kind of teeth related problems.

  5. Lumbosacral Spine X-Ray ( XRay ): This is another useful X Ray which helps doctor view the anatomy of your lower back. The lumbar spine is basically made up of five vertebral bones besides blood vessels, nerves, tendons, cartilage and ligaments etc. The test is ordered in case of pain in lower back due to accident or fall.