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Bone Profile - Advanced

Bone Profile - Advanced


Bones are considered as the structure of human body. Even the silliest damage in a bone can be massively dangerous and can even make you unable to move from one place to another. Diseases like arthritis can even terminate your ability of moving forever if it becomes able to take a bigger shape. That is the reason why nobody avoids a bone check-up now a day as it can help them stay away from all such risks. The bone profile blood test assesses the proteins, minerals and enzymes present in bone that are essential for healthy bone structure and development.

Testing time

Turnaround times. The assays are run throughout the day and night. The in-lab turnaround time is less than 24 hours. The panel can be ordered as an urgent request.


A bone checkup can help you know about any existing disease that has no symptoms at the initial stage. A bone checkup can help the doctors gain information about the exact condition of your bones. Besides, a checkup can also help the doctors find a proper cure for any existing disease of your bones.

Common uses

A bone profile of blood tests helps to determine how well your body's metabolic processes are affecting your skeleton. As we age the strength of our bones can be weakened by conditions like osteoporosis.

Bone is made up of collagen, a protein that gives the bone its strength and framework, and calcium phosphate, a mineralised complex that hardens the bone. Bone markers - signs of the bone turnover process - are used alongside bone density testing to look for the presence of bone diseases such as osteoporosis or other issues with your bones.

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