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Home Remedies For Dengue Fever

Home Remedies For Dengue Fever

Mosquito bites can lead to diseases like malaria, chikungunya, and dengue, which can prove to be fatal. Some of the symptoms of dengue are high fever, headaches, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, exhaustion, skin rash, and low pressure. You cannot cure dengue fever with home remedies, but you can alleviate the symptoms of the fever through them. Here are some of them.

  1. Giloy

Ayurveda makes use of giloy herb to control any fever. For dengue, it is quite effective in bringing down the temperature. It enhances immunity and combats infections. Giloy concentrate and tablets are available in most Ayurveda shops.

  1. Methi Leaves

Methi leaves are useful in reducing elevated body temperature and decrease muscle pain. They promote sleep and allow the body to rest and heal. Methi seeds also can be used. Just soak overnight and have on an empty stomach in the morning.

  1. Papaya Leaves

Papaya leaves are beneficial if you want to increase your platelet count. In dengue fever, the platelet count decreases and can lead to complications. They are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that reduce stress on the body. They also reduce other symptoms like chills, body ache nausea, and fatigue. Crush the leave and take out the juice. About two tablespoons should be had daily.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric is an important spice to heal the body. It is antiseptic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory. It boosts metabolism and initiates inner healing. Consume a pinch of turmeric in your milk for the best results. Also read 10 health benefits of turmeric.

  1. Tulsi Leaves

Tulsi or the holy basil is almost a wonder herb if you want to increase your immunity. Boil tulsi leaves with some black pepper and have it daily. This will fight off infections and build up immunity. Read more about the health benefits of tulsi (Basil)

  1. Hydrate

Dehydration is a common problem in dengue. Ensure that you have plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. This detoxifies the system and also alleviates the headaches and muscle cramps.

  1. Neem Leaves

Neem leaves serve many purposes. Boil water and let neem leaves seep in it for some time. Drinking this water increases the blood platelet and white blood cell count. Having neem water concoction increases immunity and strengthens the body. Also, by burning the dried leaves, you can ward off mosquitoes in your vicinity.

  1. Orange Juice

Citrus fruits are very beneficial when suffering from dengue fever. Vitamin C present in these fruits, especially organs and orange juice, helps improve immunity, detoxifies the body, initiates cell repair, and combats infections.

  1. Goldenseal

Goldenseal is a herb that has a similar action as papaya leaves. The dried roots of this herb are very effective against dengue fever. It helps to eliminate the virus from the body.

  1. Mosquito Repellants

To avoid falling prey to dengue fever, use mosquito repellents. These could be in the form of ointments or by using mosquito nets. Read more on the home remedies for mosquito control.