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Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

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Lung cancer

Lung cancer, which is also popularly known as Lung Carcinoma is a kind of a cancer in which there is uncontrolled growth of cells in the tissues of the lung. If this growth is not checked on time it can spread to areas near the lung and even to other parts of the body. There are two main types of lung cancers and they are small cell lung carcinoma and non small cell lung carcinoma. The common symptoms of this form of cancer include weight loss, shortness of breath, pain in the chest and coughing. Most of the cases of lung cancer are due to long term smoking of tobacco. But it must be noted that about 15% of cases of lung cancer happen to those who have never smoked. This could be due to air pollution, second hand smoke and even combination of genetic factors.

In the year 2012, lung cancer occurred in 1.8 million people worldwide and this resulted in the death of 1.6 million of them. This means this cancer is the second most deadliest cancer in men and women and comes after breast cancer.

If considered in an overall manner, the probability of a man developing lung cancer is about 1 in 14 in a lifetime whereas this chance is about 1 in 17 in the case of women.

Moreover, black men are 20% more likely to develop lung cancer than white men.

While it is true that lung cancer is a serious disease, people who are diagnosed with it in the early stages are at high probability of it being cured. It is a fact that more than 430000 people who were diagnosed with it are alive today.

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Some of the common methods of treatment for lung cancer include radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy.

Treatment as well as long term results of this disease greatly depend upon the exact type of cancer, the stage at which it is detected and also the health of the person/patient.

Another astonishing fact associated with lung cancer is that the most common age of diagnosis of this disease is 70 years.

The highest rates of lung cancer are in North America, followed by Europe and East Asia. About one third of new cases of this disease were in China in the year 2012. The rates in South Asia as well as Africa are relatively much lower.

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